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Love books, my son, my family (birth and chosen) Will kill for a cup of good coffee. Killer grins slay me every time and have never met a pair of shoes or a book that didn't want to follow me home.

Bad dating advice from my mother...

 I love my mother - seriously but she has no clue how the dating world works at all.  She is 76 and thinks I should just go to church and a he will appear.  Well.. I have attended the same church all my life except for the time I lived up north of the Mason Dixon Line and there are no men  at all they are either close to100 years old,married, gay or both. She just doesn't get it. She thinks I am not trying hard enough.  She says you read all those romance books and I must think a "HUNKY billionaire is just going to show up and sweep me off my feet" . Her words exactly. Really. I do read romance but not many about hunky billionaires,  mostly I read about soldiers, vampire hunters, cowboys etc..l just want to let it go. I date just not all the time but apparently it is not enough for her.  I just can't win.

So long to a good friend.

Dead Ever After: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood) - Charlaine Harris

Quiet ending to a favorite series. I am sad to see this end. I love the series so much better than the tv show. I read this during a really hard time so it brings comfort to re read them. Sorry to say good bye but it was time.

Wicked as They Come (Blud)

Wicked as They Come  - Delilah S. Dawson I wanted to like this book more but it fell flat with me..

Her Mad Hatter

Her Mad Hatter - Marie Hall Felt like this book was trying to hard to be erotic but just did not work. Too short needed to be longer to explain things felt like it really jumped around. Left me feeling meh...

First Strike (I-Team After Hours)

First Strike - Pamela Clare
A perfect beginning to an awesome book, Striking Distance. I honestly cannot say if you need to read this before or after Striking Distance. I know, I know that does not make sense after I just said this was a perfect beginning and I may get shot for saying that but I can honestly see how it could work both ways. I think the back story helps you understand why their separation is so totally devastating but reading it after is like a treat to see their beginning which was everything a no- holds barred, no-strings fling is supposed to be. This is how I wish erotica was written, awesome world building, engaging characters and believable story.

A great addition to the I-Team series and introduction to Laura Nilsson and Javier Corbray who compliment each other in every way. Great sex scenes that are explicit but not just for explicit's sake as it adds meaning to the narrative as well as advance the story to it's conclusion in Striking Distance.

This novella is an erotic and has some serious heat. I don't have an erotic tag I use romantica to designate erotic stories. I am not a professional reviewer just to let you know, I'm more of a professional romance book reader who loves happy endings

I was given a copy of this novella by the author for a unbiased review.

Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels, Book 3)

Magic Strikes -  Ilona Andrews Loving this series

Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain, #2)

Sweet Dreams  - Kristen Ashley LOVE LOVE LOVE this series I do not want it to end.

How Beauty Loved the Beast (Tales of the Underlight)

How Beauty Loved the Beast  - Jax Garren I loved this series.. I love that happily ever after can happen..

Primal Law: An Alpha Pack Novel

Primal Law: An Alpha Pack Novel - J.D. Tyler I have read lots of paranormal books and so I know what makes a good story. The book rocks- The premise and world building are solid.
I only had a couple of problems with the story. First I had trouble believing the heroine did not freak out seeing wolves turn to men and vice versa. She acted like someone told her it was going to rain or something trivial,that part was hard for me to suspend belief on because all the paranormal stuff happening. The other part (mild spoiler) was when she took samples from the lab where she worked because she overheard people whispering and she glimpsed at something on someone's computer?! I would have liked to have her discover a little more because they could have been talking about sports for all we know plus she works in a lab hopefully has a science background so she would have known what she was looking at. That part of the story seemed rushed and not fleshed out.
I did love the snappy dialogue and the secondary characters that added to the story without overloading it. The love scenes had just the right amount of tension and hotness. I cannot wait to read the following stories set in this world.
I am not a professional reviewer just to let you know, I'm more of a professional romance book reader who loves happy endings.

The Chief: A Highland Guard Novel (Highland Guard Novels)

The Chief - Monica McCarty Excellent book-accurate historic details with the right amount of action, romance and suspense.

Hemlock Grove: A Novel

Hemlock Grove - Brian McGreevy Okay first off I won this in a first-reads give away.

If you like old school gothic books this is the one for you albeit a young adult gothic. This book is much more sophisticated than the Twilight books which may put off some. The dialogue was smart, sharp and snarky.I did have some trouble getting into the book but once I could read for an extended time the story progressed quickly. The premise is sound just seemed really choppy but that may be because I had an advanced reader copy. This book will appeal to a different audience. I did like this book just not what I would normally read. This is a monster book with romantic elements okay psychotic romance elements in it.

I am not a professional reviewer just to let you know, I'm more of a professional romance book reader.

Black Jack

Black Jack - Lora Leigh Finished this book- It seemed more like a side story than a complete stand alone book. I did like it but it just didn't feel complete.

Crave (Fallen Angels, Book 2)

Crave - J.R. Ward I am really liking this series. I was not so sure at first by now I must read the next one.

Love Bites

The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2: Love Bites - Ann Aguirre, Devon Monk,  Jennifer Ashley, Nancy Holder, Jaye Wells, Angie Fox, Dina James, Stacia Kane, Jamie Leigh Hansen, Caitlin Kittredge, Tiffany Trent, Larissa Ione, Deborah Cooke, Trisha Telep, Patti O'Shea, Camille Bacon-Smith, Karen MacInerney, Jennifer St. Gile I really enjoyed this book and was a great introduction to several authors I had not read before. As with all anthologies there are bad stories but the majority are excellent. A fast read for when you want a new story but do not have time to get into a new book.

Black Magic (Alpha Pack, #1.5)

Black Magic (Alpha Pack, #1.5) - J.D. Tyler What a great installment in the Alpha Pack series that fits between the first book and second book of the series. My only wish is that this Kalen Black's was a complete book not just a novella but never fear his story is on the way.
I love Kalen what a hot, beautiful mess he is. I know that you are not supposed to want to change and/or fix a man but he just screams for you to want to try. This story involves Kalen Black -shifter,necromancer, sorcerer and all around bad boy and Dr. Mackenzie Grant is the heroine. Readers of the first book in Alpha Pack will already have background on the H/H and the world of this series so it might be a little confusing to new readers.
I do not like to give spoilers but I will say that this story does move the entire series forward and fills on some spaces on why/how Kalen came to be the man he is.
I have read the next book in the Alpha Pack book Savage Awakening, which I loved more than Primal Law. I cannot wait until the next book Black Moon to come out in December 2012.
I am not a professional reviewer just to let you know, I'm more of a professional romance book reader who loves happy endings.