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Love books, my son, my family (birth and chosen) Will kill for a cup of good coffee. Killer grins slay me every time and have never met a pair of shoes or a book that didn't want to follow me home.

Styx's Storm (Breeds)

Styx's Storm - Lora Leigh I enjoyed this book especially Styx..cause I loved his accent and all his other attributes.

(Mild Spoilers)
I would have rated the book higher if the heroine had not been such a baby the pouting drove me insane.
Also how hard would have been for the Breeds to just say that her father was helping them and exactly what he did for them so MAYBE she would have not been running for 10 YEARS!! Yes that really bothered me and now I am getting off my soapbox.

I cannot wait until the next in the series I want to know what happens to Jonas' child and who is Cassie's mate.