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Sweet Evil

Sweet Evil - Wendy Higgins Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

I loved loved loved this book. I usually don't like Young Adult genre but this book sucked me in and would not let me go until I finished it. I am not a professional reviewer just to let you know, I'm more of a professional romance book reader who loves happy endings. I won this book in the First Reads contest/giveaways. My version is ARC- advanced reader copy.

This book has many layers to it. The first and most basic is the story of Anna our heroine who is a nephilim -a child of two fallen angels one good and one bad. The trials of this discovery plus the promise of a true first love. The hero/villain is Kaiden Rowe the son of the Lust demon. He is every high school girls dream he plays in a band, smokin' hot and has a cool accent.

On the more deeper level is about the nature of sin and how we Anna/Kaiden deal with it and all the consequences of our actions.

"Maybe it seems cruel to test the angels and the human souls,
but it is not like that. We have to face difficulties to find out what our strengths are. How we come back from failure is a very valuable test." Belail page 223

" The purpose of life is to find your way back to a spiritual way of thinking and living--to be able to get past the physical stuff..And every soul is given talents and strengths to help them along the way."
Belail page 236 arc.

These are two of my favorite quotes from the book who happen to be spoken by Bilail the demon of substance abuse.

The secondary characters are intriguing and fleshed out enough to hopefully have their stories told as well.

I don't like to read or give reviews that are just summaries of the book so I wont but I hope I have enticed you to pick up this book.
I optimistically hope there are more books in this richly developed world and if there are~ Deal me in.