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Primal Law: An Alpha Pack Novel

Primal Law: An Alpha Pack Novel - J.D. Tyler I have read lots of paranormal books and so I know what makes a good story. The book rocks- The premise and world building are solid.
I only had a couple of problems with the story. First I had trouble believing the heroine did not freak out seeing wolves turn to men and vice versa. She acted like someone told her it was going to rain or something trivial,that part was hard for me to suspend belief on because all the paranormal stuff happening. The other part (mild spoiler) was when she took samples from the lab where she worked because she overheard people whispering and she glimpsed at something on someone's computer?! I would have liked to have her discover a little more because they could have been talking about sports for all we know plus she works in a lab hopefully has a science background so she would have known what she was looking at. That part of the story seemed rushed and not fleshed out.
I did love the snappy dialogue and the secondary characters that added to the story without overloading it. The love scenes had just the right amount of tension and hotness. I cannot wait to read the following stories set in this world.
I am not a professional reviewer just to let you know, I'm more of a professional romance book reader who loves happy endings.