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Black Magic (Alpha Pack, #1.5)

Black Magic (Alpha Pack, #1.5) - J.D. Tyler What a great installment in the Alpha Pack series that fits between the first book and second book of the series. My only wish is that this Kalen Black's was a complete book not just a novella but never fear his story is on the way.
I love Kalen what a hot, beautiful mess he is. I know that you are not supposed to want to change and/or fix a man but he just screams for you to want to try. This story involves Kalen Black -shifter,necromancer, sorcerer and all around bad boy and Dr. Mackenzie Grant is the heroine. Readers of the first book in Alpha Pack will already have background on the H/H and the world of this series so it might be a little confusing to new readers.
I do not like to give spoilers but I will say that this story does move the entire series forward and fills on some spaces on why/how Kalen came to be the man he is.
I have read the next book in the Alpha Pack book Savage Awakening, which I loved more than Primal Law. I cannot wait until the next book Black Moon to come out in December 2012.
I am not a professional reviewer just to let you know, I'm more of a professional romance book reader who loves happy endings.