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Smiling through the Chaos

Love books, my son, my family (birth and chosen) Will kill for a cup of good coffee. Killer grins slay me every time and have never met a pair of shoes or a book that didn't want to follow me home.

Bad dating advice from my mother...

 I love my mother - seriously but she has no clue how the dating world works at all.  She is 76 and thinks I should just go to church and a he will appear.  Well.. I have attended the same church all my life except for the time I lived up north of the Mason Dixon Line and there are no men  at all they are either close to100 years old,married, gay or both. She just doesn't get it. She thinks I am not trying hard enough.  She says you read all those romance books and I must think a "HUNKY billionaire is just going to show up and sweep me off my feet" . Her words exactly. Really. I do read romance but not many about hunky billionaires,  mostly I read about soldiers, vampire hunters, cowboys etc..l just want to let it go. I date just not all the time but apparently it is not enough for her.  I just can't win.